Main Deals » Commercial Advice

1. Advising on the construction contracts for a major property development in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Advising on contracts in respect of business cooperation, technology transfer, licensing and distribution into Vietnam.

3. Advising a wholly foreign owned brewery venture to obtain State Bank's approval for a number offshore loans from its parent.

4. Advising on intellectual property (patent and trademark) protection in Vietnam.

5. Advising on the preparation of standard form lease documentation in respect of property developments in Vietnam.

6. Advising a major Japanese corporation on the establishment of two investment funds for investment into Vietnam.

7. Advising on a prospectus for a Vietnam fund to be quoted on the Irish Stock Exchange.

8. Advising on a power supply project.

9. Advising on an aircraft leasing transaction.

10. Advising banks, property agencies and companies in various sectors on the establishment of representative offices and branches in Vietnam.

11. Advising preliminary advice on property development projects.

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